A golf in the Valley of the Pede… When the dream comes true!

It is in September 1987 that all started on the initiative of Mr Gil Cornet, Founder president of Royal Amicale Anderlecht Golf Club. His object was the promotion of the practice of the golf and activities of leisures. The Legal construction is completed in January 1989.

After signing a long lease agreement with the municipality, the project finds a first implementation with the inauguration, in May 1988, of two levels driving range with forty training carpets.To follow then, in February 1989, the opening of the first Club-House, extension of the building of the Royal Amicale Anderlecht Tennis Club. In May 1989: the constitution, by the Board of directors, of various committees charged with the organisation of sport activities and other leisure and the inauguration of the first 9 holes of the course.

During the year 1990, the situation has unfortunately being degraded, following a lack of rigor in management, coupled to the scope of the first investments. This emerges, in November 1990, with the setting under supervision of the golf. Fortunately, in January 1991, the Club was taken over by two golf impassioned investors. First, they both wanted to bring a balance in the financial situation and afterwards they design an important investment plan with purchase of machines, grounds,… All this leads, on June 26th, 1993, to the inauguration of the 18 holes course as we know it today.

The extension of the course as wel as the members increase calls up with a new investment, a new Club-House. Its inauguration takes place in July 1994.

The Club structures are growing; the Sport Committee organizes all the sport activities. The Ladies, Seniors and Men sections are created; a Course Committee is also set up. These committees are intended to hand the information over to the members. Their goal is a continuous improvement of the quality of the facilities as well the course as the environment.