Who is our Rabbits section for?

It is for all beginners and registered members at the Royal Amicale Anderlecht Golf Club with an entry index (or handicap) of 54. This gives you the status of “Rabbit” until you reach level 36, at which point you become a golfer! Your age is not important.

We offer golfing appointments throughout the year to support your learning and development, helping you become the golfer you want to be.

During these sessions, you will be surrounded by experienced players, all from the Royal Amicale Golf Club of Anderlecht.

At each meeting, we provide numerous exercises, practical advice, and useful reminders of the rules of golf in a relaxed atmosphere.

We take care of each and every one of you and tailor these courses to your best interests.

Not only will you be playing alongside experienced players, but you will also be surrounded by many new players who, like you, are just starting to learn this wonderful sport. This will help you feel comfortable in your new club and ensure that you are never alone.

Don’t hesitate to join us!
Only for Rabbits 

Eric Vossen
Rabbits Captain