The seniors section is ,above all a group of friends and we would be delighted to welcome you among us.

A very active section within the Club, every Tuesday we organize the Seniors competition, which is either sponsored by a company or a member, or by welcoming friendly Clubs, and always followed by a pleasant prize-giving ceremony.

Twice a year, we plan golf trips abroad : the 36 hours in spring (Le Touquet in 2024) and the 72 hours at the end of the summer break (soon the Ahauser Land in Germany).

We also take part in various official competitions: the Senior Interclubs, the AFGolf Spring Challenge and the South-East Championship.

Membership and participation

  • Regular members: the annual Seniors membership fee is €50.
  • Occasional participation:
    • Members of the R.A.A.G.C.: we charge €10 per participation.
    • Non-members of the R.A.A.G.C.: you will pay the weekly green fee (€65) plus €10 participation fee.

In the winter, the Winter Games, with 9 holes in the morning and card and board games in the afternoon, are a great way to get together.

For futher information :

The Senior Committee

Yves LEVENS, Captain


Yves DROPSY, Vice-Captain

Joske RAES, Treasurer

Marie-Thérèse THEETEN, Starter

Isabelle HAMER,
Responsible AFGolf

The futher competitions


  • 02/07 : KAMPENHOUT - RAAGC
  • 04/07 : RAGNIES - RAAGC - MEAN
  • 09/07 : RAAGC - AGS
  • 16/07 : Prize "LE SWING"
  • 23/07 : LA TOURNETTE - RAAGC
  • 25/07 : LA BRUYERE - MEAN - RAAGC
  • 30/07 : Prize "LEFORT"


  • 06/08 : Prize "Les Georges"
  • 20/08 : Prize "AN-TICK CLOCK"
  • 27/08 : Prize "TOPICS"

The 2024 Season Calendar is available via the linkCalendrier Seniors 2024 

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